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Mel is 22 year old professional escort operating from Moscow. She loves to be your girlfriend especially in evening time when you desperately need refreshment after working hard. She will take you to best places in Moscow, dine with you in finest places, attend parties and make love to make your time best moment of your life.
Mel has a figure like a model. Madrid prostitutaShe has slender figure, busty and has short blonde hair. She enjoys having deep French kisses with you, then moving to whole body and finally making out in any position you want. In case, if you are looking for some adventure, then there is no better girl than Mel. She is expert in shower experience, performing a mind blowing oral job or indulging in your favorite erotic game. We bet that you will cherish each moment of spending time with Mel.
Please call us if you desire her service. We would be happy to offer her lovely service.

My sex story

Sexual Encounter in Cinema Hall
As an escort, we are used to entertain our guests in hotel room, our apartment or their residence. But, have you heard of entertaining a customer in cinema hall? I know it sounds quite untrue. But, it happened with me and it was one of my best sexual experiences.
The guy called me to watch a movie in old cinema hall. I was quite scared to see no one except him sitting in cinema hall. Soon, the moving started and let me tell you it was highly boring movie. In fact, it was not a movie, but a documentary.  Though, whole hall was empty with two of us sitting beside each other, movie was boring, but his movement were far from boring. While eating popcorn, I noticed his hands slightly slipped under my t-shirt and find hook of my bra. Soon, he opened hook of my bra. I really liked when he started caressing my smooth back. I looked at him and said blushingly, “What, are you doing?” He replied with a mischievous look into his eyes, “Just taking you to another world.”
Soon, we started looking into each other eyes and don’t know when we started kissing each other.  After some time, he lifted my shirt over my head, throw away my bra and move his lips over my neck, breast and novel. His moves were gentle and intense at the same time. His lips stopped on my navel area and I got an idea what his next move was going to be.
He unbuttoned my jean, throw it away and rip off my panties as if he couldn’t wait to get inside me.  I was little bit embarrassed and scared at the same time and asked him “Why can’t we move to hotel, isn’t it quite scary?” “What, if anyone comes?”  He stroked my hair gently and told me not to worry; no one is going to come since he owns this cinema hall.
Looking me relaxed, he unzipped his pants and inserted his cock inside my body. While his cock found his way inside my vagina, his lips were on my breasts. It was first time that I was being kissed and fucked simultaneously and it was quite a unique experience for me. Soon, he increased his intensity of fucking and ejaculated inside my body. We remain lost in each other arms all night and didn’t know when morning came.
In morning, he took me to a nice restaurant for breakfast and later dropped me to my apartment.
He had become a regular customer of mine nowadays and we have make out on top of car, inside car, cinema hall. It’s quite a unique adventurous plus romantic experience and I love every moment of it.

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